14 januari 22.00 uur

Jo de Roeck

Jo De Roeck was born in Belgium in the spring of 1975. He got his first electric guitar, a black Gibson Invader, at the age of 7. He learned to play by listening and watching his idols like Randy Rhoads, Angus Young and The Beatles.

At age fifteen he auditioned for Hot Legs, a Dutch band celebrated in both Holland and Germany. Jo De Roeck quickly adapted to playing in a rock and roll band and started writing the material. His first recording was produced by Dutch legendary rock producer Shell Schellekens. He came in contact with other musicians and wrote some songs that got the interest of producer Rob Bolland (Status Quo, Falco, Dana International) and producer/drummer Shell Schellekens (Golden Earring, Vitesse, Herman Brood, Rainbow Train) and even Dutch legendary band FOCUS.

Jo was asked to sing on “Just like Eddy”, a song written by Thijs van Leer. This song is featured on Focus‘s album New Skin.